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How much bandwidth does OMEnt use?


I have three data centers that I monitor using OMEnt.  They are all separate but are connected via a VPN connection.  I'm wondering if I could just use one OMEnt server in one of the data centers and have it monitor the other two over that connection.

I know that if we use it to push our firmware updates, that it would take longer to copy things, but for normal iDrac alerting, inventory, and discovery, does that use much bandwidth at all?

Also, does OMEnt do all it's communication with the iDrac on each server?  If we have all our iDracs on the same subnet, does it only need to scan that IP range and not the ranges that have the actual IP ranges of the servers themselves?


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Re: How much bandwidth does OMEnt use?

Linked below is the Performance and Scalability guide. This might end up being useful if you have additional questions.


At a basic level, we don't publish much on bandwidth, because it can vary so much. Just doing alerting and discovery shouldn't end up using all that much bandwidth. You have the hourly Status Poll and whatever real time alerting comes in as you primary bandwidth eaters. If you're not planning to use FW Updates, I'm sure it's fine.




"The reception of alerts on WAN till a bandwidth of 10 Mbps with 500 ms delay is supported for an alert frequency of 30 alerts per second and lesser."



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