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Incorrect warranty expiry warnings

If I look at the warranty report, I can see most of my servers listed twice with different warranty levels, e.g. for one server I see it listed with "Onsite Service After Remote Diagnosis" which has expired and is generating a warning, and again with "ProSupport with Next Business Day Service" which has 500 days left.

This is causing big red warnings in the warranty widget, and requires a bit of manual work to determine if the warnings in the warranty report are valid or not.

Is there a way of excluding or acknowledging warranty items? At the moment all of the alerts I'm seeing are incorrect!


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it seems like an "individual" failure so an "individual" solution is needed.


regards Martin

Martin Schiemenz
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I´ve got a reply form Dell support an d this solution works for me.

OpenManage Enterprise Version 3.5.0 (Build 60)

"If you want to ignore the expired warranties please uncheck the box below and change the show warning at 30 days for example"

"This warranty display feature will be improved in the future versions."

OpenManage Enterprise Menu:

/ Aplication Settings / Warranty / Warranty Settings

- Show expired warranties : disabled


Unchecking the "Show expired warranties" seems like a temporary work-around, not a permanent solution.

Have a customer with OME 3.5.0(60) who got this warning after an upgrade of OME. OME claims the warranty expired 12 months after purchase, for systems bought with 60 months warranty. All systems show correct support information in the web portal.


Hi Matts N.


As mentioned by the support in a previous post, this tool is still under development, such issues will be collected and resolved in future versions of it.

For now, there is just this workaround available, in a later version of OME this will be reworked.

We are not able to tell you when this will be, but be ensured that your concerns are heard and reported


Best regards


Stefan Richter
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We have the same issue in our environment for many Dell OM versions already (since we even started to look into OM in the first place a year or two ago). Glad to see i'm not the only one with that issue, though it would be even better if this would finally get resolved and we could make more use of OM.




I'm from the social support and understood your concern. I've taken note of it and attached to the same user's reported the feature flaw. 


I would say that is because OpenManage is to only be pulling the data information from the warranty server database and display all warranty which was/is attached to the server. The workaround is to uncheck the box "Show Expired Warranty"



Meanwhile, I'll be taking note down about concerns and work to resolve in future releases.

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Hi, You should check the check if the affected Service TAG´s are only affected in OpenMange

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