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OME 3.0 compliance report baseline shows old versions

I have some fc630 servers that I haven't firmware updated in over a year.  In OME 3.0, I'll create a firmware baseline that uses the " firmware catalog" and add the FC630 servers.  The report will show baseline versions that were the same since I last updated the servers from a while back.  When I go to the dell support website and view drivers and downloads for the FC630, there are new versions of firmware, bios, network card, etc.  What can i do to get OME to retrieve the current versions of the firmware?

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Re: OME 3.0 compliance report baseline shows old versions


Thanks for your post. You will need to create a new baseline using the online catalog, or you will need to download the catalog again. For now, process is not automated and we are working towards getting this done automatically for future releases.


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