OMEnt & Force10

The compatibility matrix for the TP says that F10 devices with OS9.10+ are supported.

Has anyone been able to get OMEnt discover them?

I've got a bunch of S3048 and S4048 running OS9.11 and get this error when trying to discover them:

CJOB4065 : Performing a manatory Action GET_F10_UNIT_INFO with profile Force10_Series_S09 of the Device Management operation DISCOVERY Failed.

All of these devices are discovered no problem (snmp 2) with OME 2.3 & 2.4




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Re: OMEnt & Force10

Hi Allan and thanks for the post.

Sounds like we need a ticket opened so we can get the support guys to pass word along on these models.

I'll dig around myself and see if I can find anything else out.




I'll put the support phone number here, but I need to enter it in a goofy format since this forum software strips out a lot of numbers.


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