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Custom Groups and Query's disappear if I make changes to them

Steps I took to create:

  1. go into Device Search and create Query including IP's for a particular site, Run and save Query.
  2. go back to devices and create a new group for that site, select the pre-made query and save the group.
  3. Everything is A-OK.

Now here's the problem.

  1. I realize the site has another IP Scheme I want to add, or possibly filter so it shows me Servers only.  I go into Device Search, select the existing query, make the changes, run and save it.
  2. When I go back to Devices, the Group is still showing the old results rather than the new ones.  If I edit the group, rather than "Select a Query" being selected, "Select the devices/groups from the tree below" is selected and the systems that were originally found are pre-selected.
  3. If I move it back to select the equry and next/finish the edit boxes, the group disappears from view.
  4. If I go into Device Search, the saved query is gone too.
  5. If I close OME and reopen, the group is back, but still with the original results, and the query is still missing.
  6. Only way to fix it is to DELETE the group, then create a new Query and then create a new group as in the original steps above.

This has to be a bug right?  Is there any way to keep my queries from disappearing when I make changes to them and have them dynamically continue to update my groups?


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Re: Custom Groups and Query's disappear if I make changes to them

Hi and thanks for the post.

Yep...bug.  Looks like the only workaround now is to re-create the query.  We are looking at this one...thx.


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Re: Custom Groups and Query's disappear if I make changes to them

I can confirm this bug made it into version 1.01 and is still just as aggravating as it was before. I have tried and failed to setup alters to ignore using queries and every time you go back to edit the query, it either doesn;t show, or is an older version. Meanwhile I keep getting authenticationfailure critical alerts from the iSCSI addresses on my EqualLogic devices, despite filtering those particualr IPs out from the discovery list.

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Re: Custom Groups and Query's disappear if I make changes to them


Thanks for your post.

We will review this again. We are looking at making some changes to queries in the future versions.

Regarding ignoring alerts, filtering the IPs from the discovery list may not help. OME can still receive alerts from the device even if it is not discovered. Easiest way to ignore the alerts is to right click on the received alert and select Ignore. You have the option of ignore that specific alert from a particular device or all devices. Once you select that, OME will automatically create the ignore filter. After that all the future alerts of that type will be ignored and will not show up in OME.



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