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Dell OME nagios integration

Hi Team,

I am forwarding the trap generated from dell hardware to Dell OME and from Dell OME to nagios. For now i am able to test the "test trap" only, can you guide me to check the real alarm with with less effort.

As of now test trap are sending ok green traps , once dell ome get the critical alarm will it how the same criticality on nagios and on resolution will we get the resolve alarm and same will the same alarm resolve automatically on nagios means change the state critical to normal on nagios?


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RE: Dell OME nagios integration

Hi Bharat,

All traps that qualify the criteria defined under the trap forward action will be processed by OME and target application (Nagios in your case) should receive it. A simple way to make iDRAC generate a critical trap would be to pull out the redundant power supply.

As far as alert resolution is concerned, OME does not have it yet. OME will just list all alerts that are received and does not perform any correlation.

To be fair with folks on this forum, queries on Nagios features or functionality can be avoided. 🙂


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