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Dell OME persistent SNMP Alerts

Hello Everyone, I'm still new with OME so still haven't mastered some functionalities, so any help will be appreciated. 

 We have some servers with OMSA installed which triggers SNMP Alerts after a reboot to OME, the problem is they are generated only once until next reboot or service restart. Is there a way that OMSA or OME keep re-triggering ongoing issues ?

I've tried scheduling a status poll every minute, but doesn't seems to re-trigger any alert.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Dell OME persistent SNMP Alerts

Hi, thanks for the query.

If you are interested in all type of server issues, it would be best to enable SNMP traps on all servers to be sent to OME. A status poll would only alarm for an offline or degraded server. Moreover, an every minute polling interval is too aggressive. Below article contains the details how to set up SNMP alerts on servers:



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