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Dell OMSA can't collect hardware logs and health status is unknown


A little backgroud:

I've Installed Dell OpenManage essentials 2.2 on a windows machine

and I'm trying to make it work with ubuntu 14.04 servers

So I've installed: snmpd, and srvadmin-all packages and configured snmpd.conf on an ubuntu linux machine

I verified that https//ubuntu-server:1311 (OMSA) works and I'm able to access it using a local linux user 

On the OMSA webpage, under "alert management"-->"SNMP Traps" under Trap destination it says "Instructions: Server administrator SNMP component is not installed."

although that on OM Essentials I'm able to detect the server,  see details (not full tough, i'm missing Storage and some other specs).   and under Alerts I do see that new SNMP alerts from the server are reaching.

However, under Hardware Logs I'm getting "Request returned with empty logs."

And on top of this, this server and the rest of the ubuntu servers health status is UNKNOWN

Here is the troubleshooting output for SNMP: (for the linux machine IP)

Protocols Selected are: SNMP 
MIB-II (System Name) 

and troubleshooting output for WSMAN: (for the idrac ip of the linux machine)

Protocols Selected are: WSMAN
WSMAN Using TLS 1.0 for SSL/TLS handshake.
TLS 1.0 Handshake successful.
WSMAN profiles found on the remote device are:
1. OS Deployment
2. Software Inventory
3. Software Update
4. Job Control
5. LC Management
6. Persistent Storage
7. Simple NIC
8. BIOS and Boot Management
9. Simple RAID
10. Fan
11. Power Supply
12. iDRAC Card
13. Memory
14. CPU
15. System Info
16. PCI Device
17. Video
18. Base Server
19. Service Processor
20. SM CLP Admin Domain
21. Power State Management
22. Active Directory Client
23. Simple Identity Management
24. Role Based Authorization
25. Record Log
26. DHCP Client
27. DNS Client
28. Ethernet Port
29. IP Interface
30. Command Line Protocol Service
31. Physical Asset
32. Base Metrics
33. Virtual Media
34. USB Redirection
35. Power Utilization
36. SMASH Collections

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RE: Dell OMSA can't collect hardware logs and health status is unknown

Hi, thanks for the query.

From the Troubleshooting result, it is evident that OMSA related information cannot be retrieved from the target. Hence, device is unclassified in OME. I do not recollect if OMSA is supported on Ubuntu, please get that confirmed from below page and respective support forum.

Do get back to us when you have more information.


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