ESXi 4.1 WS-MAN Connectivity

I am working with our ESX Admins (Note: I do not know much about ESX) to get a few of their test servers set up in OME to deploy updates to them.

I have provided them with the Dell Documentation on installing the OMSA VIB and enabling CIM OEM providers.

When I attempt to discover these servers (using only WS-MAN, not SNMP for discovery) I do not get any inventory info (shows up in the Unknown category.)

I used the Dell Troubleshooter Tool, and got the error WSMAN: "Username or Password is not correct. Connection failed."

I know its not a bad password because in addition to using a local ESX account created by the ESX Admins, I also used a domain service account that I created and verified the password for.

My initial guess is that the accounts I am trying to use for WS-MAN just dont have the proper permissions on the ESXi servers.....Since I am not an ESX admin, I dont have the root account, which is shown in all of the documentation for OME...

Can anyone tell me what permissions are needed for the account making the WS-MAN connection / discovery, and also for pushing out updates as the same account will be used for both tasks when not using root?

I was also asked by our ESX team whether the account needs to be an ESXi account or a VSphere account (Im not sure what the difference is, not knowing much about ESX...)


thank you!

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Re: ESXi 4.1 WS-MAN Connectivity


Thanks for your note.

Just to clarify, you are using ESXi servers and not classic ESX right? The discovery protocols are different for these. For ESXi server you will enable WS-MAN and for ESX servers you will use SNMP in the discovery wizard.

For both ESX and ESXi, you will use SNMP to send traps to OME and you will have to configure community strings and trap destination as OME server on the ESX/ESXi servers.

For getting ESXi servers data, you don't really need root privileges. As long as the account used in the discovery wizard has read permissions on the server, you should be able to discover and classify the server and get inventory data.

If the troubleshooting tool is showing the credentials error, the account you are using may not have necessary read permissions.

You can push updates to classic ESX servers but not to ESXi servers. That functionality is coming in the next OME release.

The account has to exist on ESXi server and not VSPhere account.



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Re: ESXi 4.1 WS-MAN Connectivity

After the ESX team added my account to the admins group, I was able to get a little further with the Dell Troubleshooting Tool.  I now get "Connected. Could not collect WSMAN profile data."

I re-ran Discovery, and now the service tag and model are populated for the server, along with some other info in the details page for the server.

However, for the System Update section, it is showing up as a Non-Inventoried System, even after triggering Inventory on it....  Not sure if this is something we still need to work out (based on the new error with the Troubleshooting Tool), or is it is just a refresh issue (Ive noticed with some Linux servers they appear as non-inventoried for 3-4 days after discovery...)

Do you have an estimate on the date of the next release of OME?   We are needing to update the BIOS on our 30 ESXi servers, and that was the primary goal in getting them added to OME right now.


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Re: ESXi 4.1 WS-MAN Connectivity

Thanks for the updates.

System updates section looks at the software inventory from the server. Since that information is not available for ESXi, it will show ESXi under non-inventoried server. The support to send updates to ESXi using iDrac will be available with next OME release. It is difficult to predict the precise release dates but it will be released around Q3/Q4 timeframe this year.

If you are seeing Linux servers under non-inventoried tab, take a look at FAQ 6.2.



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