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Get memory info using OME and iDRAC6

I have a set of 11G servers (R710) managed by OME without OMSA installed.


I am trying to get the RAM info of the servers (the total amount of memory) but, due to the fact that OMSA is not installed, I do not have the system inventory.

Is there any racadm or ipmi command (or any other way...) to retrieve this information using OME?

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Re: Get memory info using OME and iDRAC6


Thanks for the post.

OME will support Agent free (iDRAC) discovery/Inventory using WS-Man protocol for
iDRAC6 and above devices.

To get the memory information (RAM) of your server, I would suggest you to perform Discovery and Inventory together using Ws-Man protocol of your server iDRAC IP.

When Discovery and Inventory of iDRAC is successful, View the Inventory details of
RAC check "Memory Device Information" table to know the RAM information.







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Re: Get memory info using OME and iDRAC6

Hello Nitin,

Thanks for your response.

The problem is that OME version is 1.0.1 and, as far as I could notice, WS-Man discovery using iDRAC6 does not bring the hardware inventory (we already tried that).

That's why I am trying to use a command line from OME.

Best regards,


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Re: Get memory info using OME and iDRAC6

Hey Fabio,

Right, so if moving to a newer OME is not an option, you may have to use a racadm command task to do this.

maybe look at




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Re: Get memory info using OME and iDRAC6

Hello Rob,

Thanks for your response. In fact, in the last few days we were already searching the command line references for racadm and ipmitool, and it seems that there is no sub-command that brings the memory inventory. At least not for iDRAC6 (for iDRAC7 there is a racadm sub-command, hwinventory).

Well, if you have any other idea please let me know, but maybe the only way is the upgrade to OME 1.1...

Best regards.