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Including IP Address in device search query results

I did a discovery over the weekend that found a few hundred printers on our network and I'm trying to sort them by site.

The easiest way that I can think of to do this would be to sort them by IP Address and group them by subnet.  I can get to the IP Address by right-clicking individual records in the search results, but this does not scale well to hundreds of printers.  Does anyone have a better way?


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Re: Including IP Address in device search query results

Hi Larry, thanks for the post.

I don't think we'll have an easier way at the moment.  You can also get the ip address from the Printer inventory in the device tree.  But that still has you clicking through each one.

One other idea, but I'm not sure it will help you, is to go to Manage | Discovery and Inventory.  Then click on the discovery range that has your printers.  You will see a bar chart on the right with different catagories of devices.  You can click on the bar for Printer and it will pull up a list of printers (but it won't have each ip).

I will pass your comment on to our marketing team.



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Re: Including IP Address in device search query results

Be sure to make a custom query.  With a custom query you can make a group based on that query.

1. Click – Manage

2. Click – Device Search

3. Click – Create New Query

4. Create New Query

The queries can be based on the following inventoried information..

Agent Name

Asset Tag

Device Health

Device Model

Device Name

Device Type

IP Address

Mac Addresss

NIC Manufacturer

OS Name

OS Revision

Power Status

Service Tag

System Revision Number.  

i am unsure if you can use one of these to differentiate the different groups of printers.  

if you know the ranges by the site then you can use the queries to sort them by site.  

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Re: Including IP Address in device search query results

To make a custom group:

Manage -> Devices -> right click All Devices -> New group -> Name -> Select Query

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