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Inventory Collector Agent not installing

This was an issue back in 2013 and I'm now seeing this message in OME | System Update selector on the Issues and Resolutions for Updates.  The fix recommended in 2013 was to do a repair.  I've done that but the status has not changed.  We did go from a 2012R2 to a clean install of Server 2016 and an install of OMSA.  Version on OMSA is 9.1 and version of OME is 2.5.  It wasn't apparent until I started looking at the reports and only a small number of servers were listed.  Any other fix suggested.  Server is a r730XD, 30 days since the new OS and reinstall of OMSA.  Thanks

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Re: Inventory Collector Agent not installing


There is a note in the OMSA 9.1 manual that shared service is disabled by default. Shared service is used to invoke inventory collector. You can find OMSA manuals on the OpenManage manual page.


Here is a thread discussing the issue:



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