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List of all FQDD for iDRAC7 / Dell R620 Server

Have a Dell R620 Server with iDRAC version 7. Has 128Gb of RAM/Memory. RAM/Memory is set in Mirror mode, so effective is 64Gb. Want to switch Memory mode to Optimizer so that 128Gb is available again.

Tried the following command from command line:

idracadm7 -r -u root -p XYZABC set BIOS.MemSettings.MemOpMode OptimizerMode

It worked, gave the following output:


RAC1017: Successfully modified the object value and the change is in pending state. To apply modified value, create a configuration job and reboot the system. To create the commit and reboot jobs, use "jobqueue" command. For more information about the "jobqueue" command, see RACADM help.

Now I have to set a jobqueue and do a hardreset for the jobqueue to run. The command should be:

idracadm7 -r -u root -p 0l@Kk@ jobqueue create "FQDD"

Where FQDD (Fully Qualified Device Descriptor) represents the Device for which changes were made. Command didn't work and got the following error:

ERROR: SWC0244 : Invalid Fully Qualified Device Descriptor (FQDD).

Tried the following more as FQDD for memory:

  • BIOS.MemSettings.MemOpMode
  • BIOS.Setup.1-1.MemSettings
  • BIOS.MemSettings

All failed. Need to know where can I find list of all FQDD for Dell DRACs?



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RE: List of all FQDD for iDRAC7 / Dell R620 Server


I don't know how to get all the FQQD, but after consulting the help I would say the FQQD you need should be one of the following:

  • BIOS.Setup.1-1
  • BIOS.Setup.1
  • BIOS

Background: You start a configuration job for the complete component, not for a single attribute or attribute group. So you can create a configuration job for a network card, for the BIOS, for the iDRAC, for the LC or for the RAID Controller for example. 

Hope this helps and please report back.


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