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Multiple Firmware Updates consistently fail to apply as a single job


We're using OME 2.4 in our production environment to manage multiple M1000 enclosures, M630 blades and R630 rack servers.

Recently I came across a group of M630  servers that had never had any firmware updates applied. As such there was approximately 9/10 updates required per server - system BIOS, iDRAC, Emulex, PERC, etc, etc.

I found that if I selected all of the required updates on a server and tried to apply it as a single job it consistently failed on 3 updates. 2 x Emulex OneConnect OCm and iDRAC firmware. I found that the iDRAC update needed to be applied on its own, followed by the Emulex.

Our operations team are getting somewhat upset that it's taking effectively 3 passes per server to get each server up to date. As we have approximately 100 servers to run this process on, and we've done about 50% we've found it's the same thing with each server. Always Emulex and iDRAC failing to apply on the first pass, and 3 passes per server required.

Is there a reason for this? Is there a way to reduce the number of passes required?

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