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OME 1.2.1- RED006: Dell Update Package download failed - Multihomed server


I'm not able to deploy upgrades from OME server to iDrac clients. The software update task simply failed, and at iDrac side I see "RED006: Dell Update Package download failed".

After network sniffing session at iDrac side, I see packets trying to reach the wrong OME server interface.

There's a way to force OME server to work only in one interface? may be I need to force IIS server interface?

Scenario details:

  • Server: OME 1.2.1 (with OME_1.2.1_patch_3448.exe) Windows 2008 R2 Server with 2 network interfaces (public-network and private-network-1).
  • iDrac 7 (r620) clients on a private-network-2.
  • Communication between private-network-1 and private-network-2 is blocked.
  • I've made the discovery with wm-man and ipmi options enabled.
  • I've manually upgraded the iDrac's to the last version.
  • I've detected network packets from iDrac client (private-network-2) trying to reach OME private-network-1 interface, and, indeed ICMP type 3 code 13 (Communication administratively filtered) packets.

Thanks a lot

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RE: OME 1.2.1- RED006: Dell Update Package download failed - Multihomed server

I've done a complete reinstall, forced the IP into IIS and played with network interface metrics... with no luck: I continue to see packets from iDrac clients (private-network-2) trying to reach OME private-network-1 interface... that are administratively blocked.

I've restricted the IIS web to my_public_ip in global context

> netsh
> http
> add iplisten=my_public_ip

And also restricted  the address to each listen port in site context:
        (open console) Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager > (search in the tree panel for, and right click on) OpenManage Essentials > (contextual menu) Edit bindings > Edit each binding fixing the IP address.

It only works when I shutdown the private-network-1 interface at OME server, reboot and re-discover+inventory the iDrac range through thepublic-network interface.

Now I'm trying to have a direct connected interface to the private-network-2 where all the iDrac clients are. I suppose that openmanage 1.2 will prefer to use this direct connected interface to the network range to discover... but we will see.

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