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OME 1.2 placing the wrong nics on some servers

I am having this weird problem with OpenManage Essentials 1.2. When it does a discovery and inventory, it is mixing up the network interfaces on some servers. Basically, what it does is associate nics belonging to other servers to a server that does not have that nic attached to it. As a result, some servers are not showing up in the list, while others are listed with the nics, MAC and IP addresses belonging to the missing servers. A server may disappear from the device list after re-scanning only to find another server now in the list using the nic for the missing server.

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing OME from scratch, including removing the database but to no avail. The application logs has entries such as "Device name change has been detected based on MAC Address XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX (old name: serverA, new name:serverB)"

Or, "a duplicate device has been detected. Device serverA was deleted because the Device Name was associated with a new deviceID"

The assigned IP addresses have never been used on any other device besides the one the are configured for so I don't get the confusion. I am using both SNMP and WMI for discovery.

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