OME 2.2 proxy connection completes - but fails

Hi All, am new to OME, setting up 2.2 on 2012 R2, for OME proxy connection I get an error:

I'm connecting on 8080. When I test the Support Assist settings, same proxy, same port, different browser tab on the same machine, it connects just fine. Has anyone encountered this before? 

Thanks all in advance

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RE: OME 2.2 proxy connection completes - but fails

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the query.

This error occurs when the proxy test fails. Just try this simple Troubleshooting test to verify proxy connection works fine from OME server:

1. Configure proxy settings in Dell Troubleshooting tool. Make sure to provide authentication credentials if proxy requires them.

2. Run a warranty status check for one of your server's service tag. It should succeed!

If this test is positive and OME continues to fail, please get in touch with Dell Support to have a closer look.



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