OME 2.3 Issues

Hi there,

I’ve recently installed OpenManage Essentials 2.3 onto a new server and as I am new to OME and feeling my way into created discovery ranges which I have done for our 16 blades so I specified the range and it picked up 14 of the 16 M610 blades but for some reason it can’t see the other 2 blades. I’ve checked and even though OMSA is installed on all blades and the SA services are running on the blades that can’t be found it still won’t OME won’t pick them up.

I tried deleting the discovery range but it won’t delete saying ‘Deleting the selected discovery range will delete the devices and any systems-defined groups (Clusters/Modular Systems) in that range. In addition, devices belonging to any existing, overlapping discovery ranges will be deleted until the discovery is initiated on those ranges. Are you sure you want to delete the selected discovery range – Yes/No’ but when I select YES the discovery range will not delete.

So any help or advice on how I can go about getting all of my 16 blades showing would be much appreciated and any pointers as to why I can’t delete my ranges would be very helpful too.



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RE: OME 2.3 Issues

Hi, thanks for the query.

Please run configured protocol test using Troubleshooting tool on the servers that are not getting discovered and share results. To delete the ranges, try restarting OME services and then perform delete action. Services can be restarted from General Settings.



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