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OME email alerts on IDRAC Health


Looking for some guidance on setting up based email alerts on OME v2.5 for a few servers I've added. They're discovered in OME. Ideally I would want an email alert if the IDRAC health changes to Critical (example hard drive failed etc.). Funny enough a hard drive did fail today and I did not see it in the Alerts view under Manage. I only see system is down messages. So possibly I have two requests, figuring out why the alert isn't populated in the Critical alerts view and how to set them up in the future to fire email alerts.2019-01-15 14_21_22-21045275 eee- OneNoteeee.jpg

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Re: OME email alerts on IDRAC Health

Hi, thanks for the query.

You need to take below steps. Once they are in place, you'll see emails coming in for preferred conditions.

  1. Configure SNMP traps on all iDRAC to be sent to OME (in all preferable situations). Configuration deployment feature of OME can be used for this purpose (fee based). Can also be done using RACADM scripts or 1x1 iDRAC console.
  2. Set up email action in OME for the iDRACs / event category / severity you are interested in.


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