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OME not inventorying many of my servers


We use OME for alerting when a system hs a bad hard drive or goes down or things like that.  I have our Discovery setup to use SNMP and OMSA.  (if there's a better way, let me know).

This has always worked fine in the past but suddenly I noticed that a bunch of our servers weren't showing up in the Servers group.  If I go to All Devices, I can find them in there with their Name and IP but the show Unknown for most things including the model.  Anyone know what might cause this and how I can fix it?  I even have some that are identical where one is inventoried properly and other are not from the same model.

And even some of the ones that do show the model, service tag, etc show unknown for the health status.

Any help would be great.



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Re: OME not inventorying many of my servers


I think there is a diagnostic tool included with OpenManage Essentials for testing that SNMP is setup correctly. The SNMP service may have stopped, community name may have changed, or the port may have been blocked. Those are just a few possibilities.

The amount of information gathered depends on the method. Older iDRACs provide very little information. Newer iDRACs can provide a lot of information without an agent installed in the OS. If very little information is being listed then the OS agent may not be functioning correctly.



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