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OME v2.2 Tiered-Deployment

I'd like to deploy a subordinate/site instance of OME v2.2 and have it interact with a managerial/main instance of OME v2.2 and create a centralized management network.  I have a primary instance in my data center, but I have servers in my test lab which function in an ad hoc enclave and only accessible using the lab's management server.  How do I tie the lab's OME server to my primary OME server?

Does that make sense?



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RE: OME v2.2 Tiered-Deployment

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the query.

One can have all alerts accumulated in master OME in a tiered deployment, but nothing beyond. It might not make sense if you are looking for full functionality.

Refer following white paper to understand the capability and get it to work:

Hope it helps.


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