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OME v2.5.0.1005 does not categorize FX2 as 'PowerEdge FX2'

Installed v2.5.0.1005.  When discovery completed, all FX2 chassis are grouped under "PowerEdge Chassis" instead of "PowerEdge FX2", which prevents them from showing up in the 'System Update' tab.  Also note that it does not register them in OME by their Drac/CMC name but instead by their Service Tag (e.g. 1234XYZ_Chassis).  Thanks.

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Re: OME v2.5.0.1005 does not categorize FX2 as 'PowerEdge FX


I'm not aware of any discovery issues with FX2 on OME 2.5. The example on the 2.5 knowledge article has a picture of an FX2 being discovered and grouped correctly. I suggest reviewing the documentation to make sure the CMC is at the minimum firmware and that the discovery method is configured properly. If you continue to experience issues then I suggest providing more information.


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Re: OME v2.5.0.1005 does not categorize FX2 as 'PowerEdge FX


While configuring the discovery range, what discovery option did you chose and with iDRAC IPs or the chassis (CMC) IP?

Please note - For ideal behavior and access to all applicable features, you need to use complete chassis discovery option and supply CMC IP and it's credentials.


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