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OpenManage 8.5 unable to clear a drive in FOREIGN state

Sorry if this has been answered already but I did a search and couldn't find an answer to our specific situation...

We have a Dell PowerEdge R710 currently with four SAS drives that I am trying to put two repurposed SATA drives in (they came from a defunct Dell server and are Dell OEM so I assume they are compatible).  The four drives currently installed are SAS on virtual disk 0 which means I need to put the two SATA drives on a different virtual disk.  Since these two drives came from another server they contain alien metadata so OpenManage 8.5 reports they are in FOREIGN state.  I know I need to clear the metadata before I can put them in a different Virtual Disk and erasing all data on these two drives is fine...BUT the available tasks in the OpenManage 8.5 console only allows me to turn BLINK on and off.  That's all. There is no CLEAR option (or FOREIGN CONFIGURATION OPERATIONS any other option) available. 

So the question is- how to I clear the two SATA drives in a system that has SAS drives already installed in it?  OpenManage reports the four SAS drives are on connector 0 and the two SATA drives have been put on connector 1, the two drives do blink on command, and the status of both disks report in as NON-CRITICAL, so I am assuming that confirms the physical drives themselves are compatible and working; the metadata just needs to be cleared.  I tried creating a new Virtual Disk but OpenManage reports there is no free space available to create a virtual disk, which I assume is because the disks are still in a foreign state and cannot be used yet.  I made sure the PERC 6/I firmware was updated (currently

What am I missing?  This server is not in production yet so I can play with it as needed.


EDIT- This question is resolved.  The option was hidden elsewhere in the OpenManage console and I was able to continue.  Please close this discussion.  Thanks.

For anyone coming across this while searching to resolve the same issue, the FOREIGN CONFIGURATION OPTIONS selection is under the Storage Dashboard, NOT the Controller Tasks under Information/Configuration Controller as more than a few Google searches says:  The disks will show as being orphans and can be cleared from there.


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