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PowerEdge m1000e (CMC , iDRAC)

This is my first time working with the Dell blades and I configured the CMC (web interface from the LCD screen), set up a static IP. After that, I was able to configure the individual blades and set up remote access to each one. For some reason, the I/O modules keep reverting back to DHCP even when I uncheck the box and try to set it to a static IP. It is pulling the wrong Default Gateway and it won't let me change it. So I checked the box that says enable VLAN and now I've lost connectivity to the CMC via the web. I can still access the blades via the iDRAC and through SSH but I can no longer access the CMC web interface. Any idea on how I can fix this change without restoring everything to the factory default? Any idea on how to change the I/O modules to assign them a static IP instead of DHCP? The web interface appears to let you make this change but whenever I hit apply, it keeps changing back to DHCP and checking the box. Thanks in advance!

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RE: PowerEdge m1000e (CMC , iDRAC)

Hi, thanks for the query.

This forum is more about Dell OpenManage Essentials product. I would request you to cross post this query in forums below to attract the attention of CMC and IOM product specific members.

CMC: en.community.dell.com/.../4469

IOM: http://en.community.dell.com/techcenter/networking/f/4454


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