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Problem using OME Updates remotely

I have a mix of 24 Dell T620 and T630 servers dotted around Colorado (nearest 35 miles away, furthest 210 miles) and would very much like to keep them all up to date with their various firmware and drivers. However, I have particular trouble updating the IDRAC and Network card firmware/drivers. If I try and and update the IDRAC software (in-band) the update trips our Cisco port security on the local switches and that knocks out the switch so that all connections are lost (local and remote). If I try and update the network cards (Intel) firmware and drivers (more the drivers, than the firmware) then that knocks out the connection, too. Both require either that I go to my network support people and get them to reset the port security on the cisco switches or that I find someone locally with a modicum of tech knowledge and then talk them through rebooting the server or going and doing it myself, which is fine on a nice summers day, but in mid-winter in Colorado, not a good idea. The 210 mile away servers require me to make an overnight stay of it, which is pain anytime of the year!

I thought the idea of OME and OMSA was to facilitate easier administration/updating of servers, etc.? Can Dell not produce updates that can be installed remotely without creating these insanely frustrating problems for their server admins? Or at least provide workarounds which do not crash their connections every time you do the updates?

Thank you

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Re: Problem using OME Updates remotely

Hi, thanks for the query.

Please get in touch with Dell Support. They would like to take a closer look and find out the reason(s) for network failures.

Additionally, have you explored management via iDRAC (out-of-band channel)? Is it something that can be adopted if works without problems?


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