Server appears not in server list under Non-Compliant

Last week I updated my OME to 2.3 and all things seemed fine.

Yesterday I added a server (M620, 2016 Standard with GUI) after a reinstall as new to OME. The server must appear under Non-Compliant because I know that the firmware of the HDs is out of date. 

But the server appears whether under Compliant nor under Non-Compliant.

Today I repeated the process. I deleted the server from OME, removed and reinstalled OMSA 8.5 on the server and added it again to OME. I could see how the amount of non compliant servers switched from 68 to 69. The amount of servers in whole is now correct (85). But the server appears not under Non-Compliant.

Of course I refreshed the view, but no change.

I know this issue from an earlier version of OME. The work around for this was switching from "Downgrade disabled" to "Downgrade enabled", wait until the view had refreshed and then switch back to "Downgrade disabled". But this work around did not help now. 

Any suggestions?


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RE: Server appears not in server list under Non-Compliant

Having the same issue


Fresh install of Openmanage on Win2016 VM hosted on a Win2012r2

3 servers added so far for testing

T610 (Win2012r2 OMSA 8.5)

T620 (Win2012 r2 OMSA 8.5 + iDrac)

R320 (Linux iDrac)

Had done a few updates on the T610 and T620

Still have more updates, but now they not showing under Non-Compliant tab (or any tab)
Only the R320 is listed

System Update page showing 3 Non-Compliant in pie chart, but Non-Compliant tab only has 1.
Have removed all 3 servers and re added

Have rebooted a number of times

Checking on the OpenManage server not remotely

Also found the old fix of "Downgrade enabled" and then "Downgrade disabled" did not work
Current catalog was set to Repository Manager v2.2.0 local Openmanage Catalog
When changing to dell ftp server as source

Get 2 servers Non-Compliant tab but still missing 1

If i had setup Repository Manager wrong, changing to dell ftp should fix the issue and show 3 servers, but it only shows 2 in Non-Compliant tab but 3 in the pie chart.
In any case, deleted the repository and local copy, recreated the OpenManage repository and re exported.
Set OpenManage back to the new local repository and same issue, down to 1 server.

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RE: Server appears not in server list under Non-Compliant

We tried the scenario mentioned here and could not reproduce the problem. I would request you to get in touch with Dell Support. They can take a closer look at your setup / environment and help resolve the problem.



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RE: Server appears not in server list under Non-Compliant


This problem is seen only with 11G servers. Please get in touch with Dell Support for resolution.



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