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T630 Failed RAID 5 SAS Drive

I had a SAS drive fail in my RAID 5 array Drive 0:1:3. 

I replaced the SAS drive with a comparable SATA drive. I unplugged the failed drive, threw in the new sata drive.

The server went off line for about 10 mins, after replacing the drive, then everything started working as expected.

I though the array supposed to automatically rebuild? In Open Manage do what do I have to do to insert the drive into the array and rebuild?

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You need to replace with SAS drive only. All drives in a virtual disk need to be from same family (SAS or SATA) or same type ( HDD or SSD). You can not mix different family or type drive in same virtual disk.

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Hi, thanks for choosing Dell. Please see here.



  • Combining SAS and SATA disk drives within a virtual disk is not supported. Also, combining disk drives and SSDs within a virtual disk is not supported.'

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Thanks for the reply's. I read SATA can replace SAS but not vice versa. 

I didn't see anything about in an array until now, Thanks for the speedy answer. 

So soon as I drop a SAS drive in it should rebuild?


Once new SAS drive is inserted you can wait for couple of minute to see whether rebuild is getting initiated. If not you can assign the new drive as Dedicated Hot Spare for that virtual disk which will initiate a rebuild.

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