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Tape Library monitoring problem - different TL's visible under single device in DELL OME

I have a problem which I am not able to sort out on my own. To resolve a problem with duplicated MD storage devices (each of the controllers of single MD storage unit was visible as a separate device in OME) we change the discovery method from DNS to Netbios. Unfortunately this is causing problems with Tape libraries. All DELL ML6000 are visible as single device in OME....

We reviewed the configuration on the tape library end and I am not able to find the "ML6000 Library" name in configuration. Tape libraries are configured to use unique name

- Any idea how to separate them ?! Using DNS discovery it is working fine but we are stuck with NETBIOS,

- Second problem which I can found, as you can see not all tape libraries are showing service tag, some of them have really poor description in the tool.

- Third problem, all of the device names are added as IP's, it is not using the netbios name


On below screen you can see all tape libraries, only some of the are showing Service tab, all device names use IP instead of netbios name, there is one "ML 6000 Library" device name which has all different ML6000 configured under single device in dell ome

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RE: Tape Library monitoring problem - different TL's visible under single device in DELL OME

Hi Polok,

Are you using OME version 2.1? If yes, then we have one known issue related to duplicated MD storage devices and we are working on the fix.

I will suggest to open a support ticket 800-945-3355 so that we can take a closer look on this and provide the fix via appropriate channel. (Switching to NetBIOS might not be required with the fix for the original issue which lead to first and third problem).

Regarding service tag, can you check whether the systems showing the service tag correctly and not showing correctly are @ the same firmware version. If not try upgrading the MD firmware on the affected devices.


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