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What's the best way to configure OME to find servers?


We have OME installed but really don't know how to use it.  It was originally configured many years ago and I have no idea if it was done in the best way or not.  We primarily want to use OME to monitor out physical servers and alert us for any problems with as pending failure of a hard drive, actual failure of a hard drive, or any other physical component having trouble.

We currently have our discovery settings set to scan the IP ranges and look for a server that has OMSA installed and has a specific SNMP string setup.  This means that if we don't install OMSA on a server, or don't setup SNMP, OME won't find it.

Is there a better way of handling device discovery and inventory that has less requirements on the server itself?


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Re: What's the best way to configure OME to find servers?


As far as configuration goes, using SNMP and OMSA is how I've seen it done. That having been said, I talked to one of my buddies that does more Windows work (I predominately to Linux and VMware), and he told me that Microsoft is deprecating SNMP. If that is correct, you may need to look at another discovery methodology. I'll link to the OME manual at the end, part 5 talks about discovery.

Is your environment all Windows? I ask because if all your hosts are running Windows, it may be worth staying on OpenManage Essentials. However, if this is a mized environment and you have some Linux or VMware hosts, you might consider making the jump to OpenManage Enterprise. It operates out of band and can tie into mixed environments better. 


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