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racadm with the <-a TRUE> option fails with syntax error

updating BIOS version 2.4.3 on a poweredge 630 / 730 server .

Run the command :

/admin1-> racadm update -f BIOS_6YDCM_WN64_2.4.3.EXE -l //<repo IP/dir> -u <user
name> -p <password> -a TRUE

ERROR: RAC917 : The syntax of the specified command is not correct.
       See the command help text. To see the help text, run
       "racadm help <subcommand>"

If I remove the -a TRUE option the command processes.

 The help command shows it as valid.....

Can someone point out my error?.

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RE: racadm with the <-a TRUE> option fails with syntax error


I think you need to use the --reboot option for the update method you are using. The -a TRUE method states it indicates whether or not to restart after the update "from repository" operation completes. You are running an update file from a share location. All examples of that type of update use the --reboot method.

If you are using a catalog file and -t to specify a repository type then -a is valid, if you are not then --reboot should be used. That is my understanding of the command.

The command is on page 136 of the RACADM guide:



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