which version of OMSA to install on poweredge 2950

hi Dell,

do let me know if i posted my question in the correct section, thanks.

This question is related to the correct version of OMSA to installed on poweredge 2950 in my enviroment.

I tried both the recommended version v7.4.0 which this page suggested is the supported version for poweredge 2950, but after installation , IE keep giving the page canot be display error


However if i tried to install the latest version of OMSA 8.5 on this poweredge2950 or another 2950 in my enviroment,  IE will able to display the OMSA console perfectly even though on Dell page is not the recommended version for poweredge 2950.

Dell, can you verify which version of OMSA should i go with ? thanks for your help.

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RE: which version of OMSA to install on poweredge 2950

Hi, thanks for the query.

Greatest version of OMSA that is supported on PE 2950 is v7.4 then v7.4.0.2 patch. This information is available here: www.dell.com/.../drivers

Below is a more relevant forum for Server Administrator related queries:




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