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SupportAssist for clients.jpg SupportAssist for Business PCs
Presentation of SupportAssist for Business Client Systems, which allows monitoring of multiple devices in business environments. The presentation includes an overview of main versions of SupportAssist Client, live demonstration of the deployment process and alert management within the TechDirect portal.
29th January 2020
SupportAssist Enterprise SupportAssist Enterprise
SupportAssist Enterprise proactively monitors system health and alerts you to potential issues. When issues arise SupportAssist will automatically create a case and we will contact you for resolution. In this webinar, we will cover: Presentation of the monitoring agent, Installation, Configuration / Usage and Optimization.
15th January 2020
TechDirect TechDirect – Support Features
With the TechDirect tool you can book replacement parts yourself! Conveniently available 24x7, you can also request support for in-warranty systems, manage staff certifications and review SupportAssist alerts. This webinar features live demo of the main features.
14th January 2020
PowerEdge PowerEdge server updates
Join our webinar to get an overview of various PowerEdge server update methods, from manual updates of individual components to automated platform updates.
14th January 2020
PowerEdge PowerEdge Server Troubleshooting & Diagnostics
Learn how to troubleshoot hardware in your server, analyze faults and gather logs to make the support process smoother and quicker.
21st January 2020
Configuration Services Configuration Services – Factory Imaging & Provisioning
PCs are configured and customized in our factory. Prior shipping your new systems, we can load your image, customize BIOS settings, partition hard drives and install any third-party software or hardware. So your systems arrive at your site pre-configured with minimal to no further customization required. In addition we can apply asset tags, box labels and provide asset reports.
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