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19-in-1 Media Card Reader Problem

I have a Dell Inspiron 531 that I ordered with the 19-in-1 Media Card Reader.  The card's availability is inconsistent.  I can put in my memory stick read the files, remove it insert a different memory stick and it cannot be read.  I get a message about an unknown device.  In fact all the media slots disappear from My Computer.  I called Dell today and they had me reseat the cables on the card and motherboard.  I powered it back on, opened Explorer and saw the reader with its drives for the various media (i, j, and k drvies), but as soon as I put a memory stick in the I: drive, it and all the rest of the media slots disappeared from Explorer.


I've read several posts and a lot of people are having this problem.  Has anyone come up with a solution?



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Re: 19-in-1 Media Card Reader Problem

It is unreliable. I usually end up having to do a system restore to get it back.

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Re: 19-in-1 Media Card Reader Problem

I've got one in my wife's XPS 420 and it drives us nuts. Already replaced one under warranty. That one died completely. My wife has similar issues to yours.


Are you running Vista? I sense that's the reason why it runs so poorly.

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Re: 19-in-1 Media Card Reader Problem

This is a common occurrence on the 19-1 readers.  There are many threads.


There are many with this problem.  For the first time I have had it happen to me.  My card reader worked fine for 3 months, I tried to use it this morning and it said "unknown device."

The workaround I used was the one by Chris M in the first thread.  You go to control panel, power options, choose what power button does and change it to hibernate.  Then when you push it, the computer hibernates.  Push it again after it hibernates and then it will resume and the card reader should be there.  It's only a temporary fix, but it worked for me, but I only use the card reader sparingly.  I didn't actually order it, I downgraded on my order and the 19-1 card reader saved me $40.   So it doesn't bother me as much as I didn't pay extra for it.

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Re: 19-in-1 Media Card Reader Problem

I have the 531 with the card reader also.  I don't use it too much, but I have had success by clicking on the "computer" icon on the desktop after I use the reader and make sure to right click on the drive slot I am using and hit "eject" and make sure the green light on the reader goes off before pulling the card out. 


It seems to keep it working better.

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Re: 19-in-1 Media Card Reader Problem

I have had the same problem with a brand new  Inspiron 530  running Windows XP with a TEAC CA-200 19-1 Reader

I worked with tech support over 5 hours , rebuilt the hard drive and eventually stumbled upon what looks like a solution

I think the big issue is how are you removing the card?

You cannot use the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon as the TEAC driver hides it. (Found that in the TEAC DriverR159108 Read Me file)

So the only way to Stop the card before removal is to Right Click on the device and then select Eject. 

When u do this the green light on the reader goes off.

This will Stop the Card and then you can safely Remove it

So far it has worked for me.  Hope it stays that way

I think that removing the card  without stopping the Card hoses up the driver and you cant even restore it

Nowhere does it say that u cant remove the card while it is running.  I looked all over the place. 

With my old card readers I can pop the card out without any problems.

I hope someone from Dell is monitoring these posts

They need to fix the Driver and post a new one ASAP

I am trying to contact someone at DELL but no luck so far

In the mean while I have a sticky on my computer with big letters that says "DO NOT REMOVE IF GREEN LIGHT IS ON"

Talk about Technical Solutions

Hope this helps



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Re: 19-in-1 Media Card Reader Problem

Well cmljky22, if you have read all the other posts and replies I'm suprised you are bothering with your sticky because it isn't a solution. I can assure you it will stay there until the sticky bit gets covered in dust and it falls off!

There is no solution to this problem - at least Dell is not going to provide one. They have ignored the problem for so long now its absolutely unbelievable, but then again if you listen to some of the other complaints going around about Dell's current idea of customer service maybe it is believable.

If you want to use a media card reader go out and buy a cheapo plug-in one and attach it to one of your system's USB ports and you'll be happy (well sort of). My CAB-200 comes and goes much like a pet cat, but the media card reader that is part of my printer is always there and working.

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