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3 monitor Graphics Card upgrade for Inspiron 3847

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I am a CPA looking to upgrade the graphics card on my work computer so that I can get 1920X1080 resolution on my three monitor setup.  My current setup uses HD Graphics 4600, but there are only two display ports (HDMI and VGA), so the third monitor is hooked up via an adaptor to the USB port.  The USB port only allows me to have a max resolution of 1600X900, and gray colors don't show up on the monitor (very annoying when using excel). I will not be doing any video editing or playing games (let alone at max graphics settings), just entering numbers into programs and occasionally watching a youtube video (on breaks of course).

Do you have any recomendations on a cheap graphics card that supports a three monitor setup at 1920X1080 where I wouldn't have to upgrade the power supply?  Ports ideally would be VGA, DVI, HDMI (not mini).

Here are some specs on the computer:

-Windows 10

-PCI Express x16 slot

-Power supply is 300W

-I believe the graphics card needs to be less than 8" long (from what I've read on other forums).


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RE: 3 monitor Graphics Card upgrade for Inspiron 3847

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There are couple of graphics card available which supports 3 monitor setup.

Does your monitor supports 1920X1080 resolution?

If yes, you can choose either from Nvidia or AMD graphics card, check http://www.amd.com/en 

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RE: 3 monitor Graphics Card upgrade for Inspiron 3847

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my opinion on multi-monitor setups are:

1) all the monitors should match

2) all the monitors should use digital connections: DVI, DisplayPort or HDMI ( no VGA )

If not, one or the other will look "off" and it bugs me. YMMV.

You did not say which 3847 chassis. If it is a slim chassis, I'm not sure what will fit.

If it is the mini-tower, then I think a  GTX 1050, that does not use an extra PCIe power connector should work.

Since most 1050 cards have DisplayPort for one of the outputs, you'll need an DP to HDMI adapter or a DP to DVI adapter. I'd go with DVI, but HDMI is probably fine. I'd probably buy an adapter that matches whatever cables I already had.

Basically if it has three outputs, you should be able to make it work because the 10x0 series dropped Analog output so there is no VGA port.

If you are in the US, just looking today, the MSI GTX 1050 2G OC is on sale at newegg, with a rebate and a free game. About $95 shipped. You can probably sell the game on eBay for $10 to $20.

Good luck!

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RE: 3 monitor Graphics Card upgrade for Inspiron 3847

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Thanks Dan,

Yes, I believe it is the mini-tower.  The dimensions of the case are roughly 7" Wide, 14.5" Tall, and 17" long or deep. I think I will go on newegg and try the GTX 1050 and pick me up a display port adapter.

Appreciate the help!

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