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5.1 Surround with Inspiron 3646

Can someone confirm for certain that I cannot connect my old analog Creative 5.1 surround speakers to my Inspiron 3646 small desktop.  Although the chipset supports 5.1 surround, the only analog speaker output available is a single stereo jack.  My suspicion is that 5.1 is supported only via HDMI digital output.  Surprisingly, a Dell technical support person could not answer this question, and seemed to believe that somehow the audio jacks (for speaker, line in, and mic) could somehow be used to support 5.1 speakers, but couldn't figure out how.  Can anyone help??

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RE: 5.1 Surround with Inspiron 3646

They cheat and use a TRI adapter.  The diagram below is Dell 5650.

No idea what the Tri cable part number is. 


RadioShack Shielded 9" 3-Way Headphone Splitter Cable Model: 42-2458

  You could attach the speaker output to a splitter. Then plug the yellow and green and black plugs into it.

They are made by samsung. Dell part number is j7331

  • ASIN: B0017PG8KS
  • Item model number: F8Z274

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