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530 BIOS 1.0.13 halts frequently on startup

I have just taken a Dell Inspiron 530 out of the box and connected the Dell USB mouse and keyboard, as well as the VGA monitor (and power cable).  When I hit the power switch, the Dell often halts showing the BIOS splash screen.  Some times I've gotten past that, but most times it halts there.


I see BIOS 1.0.15 has been released -- is this a fix?  Or should I return the PC to Walmart and get another?




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Re: 530 BIOS 1.0.13 halts frequently on startup

Being that it is Walmart, I would just take it back and get another as they won't give you a hard time.


the 1.0.15 bios is for


1. Add support for new Intel CPUs.
2. Fan curve parameters update.
3. Updated Intel microcode.

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