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8200 Video Help needed!!!

I was playing Empire Earth II this morning and my system crashed. I rebooted and since the reboot my video now displays in extremely low resolution (much like Safe Mode - only I'm not booted in Safe Mode).


I've tried various things to get the video resolution to go back to normal. I've tried adjusting the Properties by "right clicking" the desk-top and making adjustments, but none of the adjustments will take.


I've opened the device manager and it doesn't show any problems with my card.


I've booted from the Windows setup and made sure I wasn't booting into Safe Mode and I'm not so that's not the issue.

Any suggestions what I should do? I have an NVidia 64 MB card, other than that I can't narrow it down because I'm having to post this from work because I can't get on-line at home.


I'm desperate please help!!!

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Your 8200 has four diagnostic lights on the back, abcd.  After the machine boots, what are the ligts indicating?


Can you test another video card in your machine?


Here is a cheap replacement that will work just fine in your older Dell for under $30.00 after MIR:


Good Luck


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