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AC511 Sound Bar doesn't allow Stereo Mix -

Hi   (Windows 10 64 bit, drivers are all updated)

I want to hear sound from both my PC sound bar and my TV(connected by HDMI) at the same time. I did this before and it worked with my older AX510 sound bar that had an audio jack connected to the motherboard input on the back of the PC. I was therefore able to use Stereo Mix to enable this audio set up. Sound came from both my PC and TV at the same time.

However, AC511 sound bar only connects to the monitor with a USB cable, no audio jack to go to the PC. Does this have anything to do with this?

I kept trying to enable Stereo Mix like I did with the AX510 sound bar but it doesn't work. I only get sound from the sound bar or the PC(by HDMI) one at a time. 

Is there a fix for this? I dont know if the audio jack really has anything to do with this or not. I want to hear  sound from my PC sound bar and my TV at the same time.

Thank you.

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