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AMD Release new driver for ATI Radeon Mobility HD 4000 Series

The new driver (Catalyst 10.3) is now available on the AMD website. This release is supported by Flash 10.1 which will mean that graphics activity can be offloaded to the Graphics card GPU which should help those Inspiron Zino 400 owners who are currently finding their CPU's can't handle full screen movies (HD or otherwise).

Now the bad news. The release notes do not mention support for The ATI Radeon Mobility 4330 HD that the ZINO 400 D uses!!! At the same time it doesn't say that the driver does not support Dell Laptops! I installed the new driver and Catalyst software on my Zino OK and it seems to work. However I can't get the Catalyst Software to work. I click on the program but it just doesn't start.

I just hope Dell are not refusing to allow AMD to release a new driver to support their ZINO's or if they are that they release a new driver themselves ASAP.

In the meantime can anyone else who has installed straight from AMD site give me any idea of how to get Catalyst to start up?

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