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AMD Video Card crashes the computer


I am having issues with the AMD Video Card  4350 when i install it, i get errors of amdkmdap has crashed and recovered and screen flickering. If i disable it in device manager my issues are resolved, but i think i need to have a video card?

I have a Dell studio slim 540

I contacted support and all they said was to do a system restore, which has not worked. 

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DELL-Saurabh A
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Re: AMD Video Card crashes the computer

Hi steph9974,

Please try updating the video card drivers from the manufacturer's website. You may follow the steps listed below:
- Click to download the 'AMD Driver Auto-detect utility'
- Follow the on-screen instructions to allow the auto-detect utility to scan the computer and help you with the latest video card driver installed in it
- Update the recommended driver

Restart the computer and re-check.

If the issue persists, try re-installing the video drivers. You may find the following steps useful:
- Access 'Device Manager'
- Locate and expand the category 'Display'
- Right click and uninstall the 'AMD 4350' video driver (also remove the software if prompted)
- Restart the computer and install the driver again
- Click to access the driver support page
- Under 'Download Drivers' select 'Desktop Graphics' from first drop-down > 'Radeon HD Series' from second drop-down > 'Radeon HD 4xxx Series PCIe from third drop-down > Select 'applicable operating system' from the final drop-down to download and install the best video card driver.
- Restart the computer and check results.

If the issue persists, please share if you made any changes to the video card (Over-clocking)? Does the video card show any signs of over-heat?

Hope this helps. Do reply if you have any further questions. Glad to assist.

Thanks & Regards,
Saurabh A
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Re: AMD Video Card crashes the computer

I would visit AMD's site and download and install the latest Catalyst drivers.

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Re: AMD Video Card crashes the computer


I followed the instructions to no success. I have tried downloading the drivers on Dell's website and AMD's for the 4300 series. Every time i try to re-install the system starts crashing again. I have gotten messages saying there is no driver or the hardware is not being recongnised and setup stops.

I get the flickering across the screen then the screen goes black and recovers with the same message. The only way i get it to stop is by disabling the driver in device manager.

I have previously never altered the video card and while looking at it I cannot tell if there is any damage to it.

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Re: AMD Video Card crashes the computer

Also the system restore does not allow me to proceed and it says it has a hardware issue when i try to do it.

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Re: AMD Video Card crashes the computer

"screen flickering" could be overheated damaged GPU.

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