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ATI TVT2 Wonder Elite Tuner not found with MCE 05 on my XPS410

I have just started to get my XPS 410 back to running order after having the XP MCE05 reloaded onto the machine. Trying to set up my Media Center settings for Live TV I get the error message that "The tuner hardware is either malfunctioning or not installed. Please ensure that both the tuner hardware and a valid .......". I went to the ATI?ADM website to download the newest driver that they offer. I uninstaled the driver that was there and then I downloaded the 9-9_xp32-64 unified_wdm.exe full suite driver package. I have checked my connections to the computer and the wall, they are fine. I still got the same message. I have not checked the tuner itself inside the computer, trying to reset it by removing and reinstalling. Not sure if that is needed after a reload of the OS or not. I also read on the ATI FAQ forums about erasing a key in the registry for the tuner and making sure the services for the tuner are set to automatic. I really don't want to start messing with my registry on a ne reload, updating the driver was even of a risk I thought. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions???? Thanks for looking and any help you may have.


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