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Accessing BIOS/CD-ROM in OptiPlex GL+

Sorry for asking about such a decrepit machine (it was being thrown out, so I got it free!), but how do I access the BIOS normally? I can only usually get to it if something's wrong with it (wrong drives, no OS or whatever) and it tells me to either press F1 or F2. What's the button normally? I've tried F1, F2 and Delete, but get nothing. Am I just doing it wrong?

Also, how do I get the PC to recognise a CD-ROM drive? I've put one in the secondary IDE channel, and I know the drive works (it's an NEC IDE drive from a PII system). I can't get my Windows 98 bootdisk to find it...
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Use CTRL + ALT + ESC or CTRL + ALT + S (forget which) to enter the bios.

Set the CDROM to cable select not master or slave, then set the appropriate device to AUTO in the bios.


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