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Adding memory OptiPlex 740 desktop


question as to adding more memory for a OptiPlex 740 desktop

Using Windows XP Pro, processor is 2.71 Ghz

If adding one 2 gig non ECC dimm, task manger says only 1.75 G

if adding a second 2 gig dimm ( 4 gig total) task manger only shows 3.25 gig

adding 2 512 Meg (1gig) (total 5 gig) task manger then only shows 2.75 gig

Looking a BIOS each time shows the correct amount of RAM but why is not all the memory added being shown or used, why showing less memory then installed and reporting even less when I went to 5 gig total ?

Also I'd like to up the CPU processor speed as I do lots of Excel spreadsheets with large amount of data is very slow processing with OEM CPU

Can this be done, if so what type of socket can be used, would the BIOS support it and what processor, wattage and max speed would be allowed ?


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RE: Adding memory OptiPlex 740 desktop

Hi Team-zr1

Thanks for writing to us.

32 bit Windows XP has two well-known memory limits. Each process is limited to 2GB of memory. . The maximum memory that Windows XP will use in total is 3.25GB. (as per microsoft).

Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message, as per that we can let you what processor upgrade options available.


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RE: Adding memory OptiPlex 740 desktop

You have to add ram in pairs.  You cant mix and match sizes.

32 bit os can only use 3.25 to 3.50 gigs of ram.  The onboard video also steals from system ram.

The AMD CPU on this system is always going to be slow.





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