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AlienFX Malfunction on XPS 730x

Am trying to get AlienFX to signal the New Mail event. When I create the advanced theme and change the color for the New Mail event action and apply it, the lights immediately change to the new color--whether I have new mail or not and even if Outlook is not running. In order to get the color back to the Default event color, I must log off or restart or reboot the computer. After logging in again, the Default event colors display and stay that way--even when I get a new email.

I've tested the Application event action with Outlook in case AlienFX wasn't recognizing Outlook, but that works correctly. When I open Outlook, the lights change to the new color. When I close Outlook, the lights revert to the Default event color. But the New Mail event does not change when I get mail. I thought there might be a time lapse before AlienFX recognized the New Mail event, but even after an hour, the lights don't change.

Am I missing a setting? Or is there an issue with this part of the FX module?

Am running Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit and MS Office Outlook 2007. The Alienware controller reports Version, released on 02/18/2009.


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