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Alienware System Virus

One day on my alienware X51 R3 i have receved a problem. The problem was i needed to incert a recovery disk because system 32 was deleted. However, i dont have my recovery disk. I dont know if it comes with your computer or if it is an additional accesory that you need to buy inorder to delete this virus that deletes system 32. I am asking dell if they can send me a free recovery disk since i didnt get one with my alienware. Im only asking one for free if it should come with the computer because once again Im not sure if an recovery disk is supposed to come with an alienware (i didnt get any disk). But, if an alienware recovery disk is just an accesory I will be sure to pay for it.

My questions:

Were can i buy the disk if im required to?

Does an alienware recovery disk come with your computer?

Is it possable for dell to send me me a free recovery disk, since i naver got one?

Thank you for reading till the end hopefully someone will be able to answer my questions.

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