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Alienware x51 {Early 2012} is not getting past boot

Hey, My Alienware x51 doesn't get past the boot, it either doesn't get detected by my monitor or freezes upon the boot Alienware logo screen. I use the UEFI boot mode and have Legacy OPROM on "Disabled

When it gets past the boot screen (which is when I leave the computer alone for a few hours to discharge) i get a message that says that there isn't any detected hard drive in the computer, which i have. i have double checked a million time in the BIOS to see if the hard drive is connected, and it shows up in the "Standard CMOS option" menu.and what really is weird is when i boot up using the CD room (CD room containing the windows 7 install CD) i can reinstall and launch windows, but as soon I reboot i get the same "No Internal Hard Drive Found" message 

Do I have to spend money on "a" new part/parts?


Windows 7 64-bit (came with the computer itself)

2TB Seagate Barracuda hard drive 

Nvidia GTX 660 Graphics card (I use DVI)

Intel i7 (old socket i believe)

Blueray CD/DVD 


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