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All in One Dell

Hi there

Just got my DellAll in One 2320, so tee off because after installing all software and setup the 1 TB harddrve crashed. Sitting in Zambia had to replace hard drive but now I cannot get all the pre installed software installed or downloaded.


Tried to register my system on dell buyt tells me my service tag is not supported. Please help as I did not even had time to enjoy new desktop





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Re: All in One Dell

Sorry you had these problems!  

Usually takes a couple of days for their system to recognize a new Service Tag.  

If you purchased through a retail store, rather than directly from Dell, there should be instructions in or on the box about how to register the Service Tag in your name. You'd need to do that before the Service Tag will be 'validated'.

Once the Service Tag is recognized, you should be able to download all the pre-installed software.


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Re: All in One Dell

Hi Jacques,

Welcome to the Community.

We understand that you have recently reinstalled the windows on your Dell All in One 2320, and now need help in installing the factory installed softwares.

You are requested to follow these steps in order to get the softwares.

• Create a new Dell account at http://bit.ly/LIvy67

• Visit my dell downloads page at http://bit.ly/M2PYaA

• Login using your dell account created.

Register your computer with its service tag (7 digit Alpha numeric no. found on a narrow sticker at the back of the screen)

• Click on My Dell Downloads. You will be able to see the softwares that were preinstalled on the computer and download it on your computer.

Please follow the above steps and revert back in case of any issues.

Hope this was helpful.


Ashutosh Mishra

Dell | Social Media Outreach | Global Social Media & Community

Hope that was helpful. 


Ashutosh Mishra
Dell | Social Media Outreach | Global Social Media & Community

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