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Audio problem with speaker/headphones okay for Dell Inspiron 530 Speakers that came with computer

Speakers have not worked since we started renting this computer from Aaron's.  Aaron's has no idea what is wrong.  They aren't computer literate.  Our headphones work when plugged into the front of the tower.  The speakers are plugged into the back of the tower in the green jack.  I made sure everything is set correctly in the computer that I'm aware of.  Can anyone help me get these fixed or suggestions of what to do?  Thank God the headphones work because I do work from home.  Anyone able to help?  Thanks in advance.
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Re: Audio problem with speaker/headphones

What kind of speakers do you have?  You must have analog Powered computer speakers (ones that have their own built in power amplifier).  If these are non-powered speakers that is probably the problem.


Also, check the Control Panel/Sounds and make sure you have "Stereo Speakers" set as the default.


You can also check the rear GREEN to see if there is sound there, plug your headset into the GREEN speaker jack and see if you get sound.  If you do then the problem is in the speaker system.  Also, do not leave the headset plugged into the front, as that cuts off the rear speaker output when the headphones are plugged into the front.

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Re: Audio problem with speaker/headphones

Same problem here with same computer (but mine is BRAND NEW).  If I unplug my headset (the only way I can hear sound) then the volume icon in the tray at the bottom right corner has a RED X on it. 

Sound is tinny .. poor quality and I can not increase the volume.  It stays low and metalic sounding.

I'd like to upgrade.  Can someone tell me what I need to do to make this happen???


~ Em


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Re: Audio problem with speaker/headphones

I was able to hear sound when I placed the headset into the green speaker. So now what do I do?

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