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Beep codes while in Windows 7

I've given up on trying to look for the codes because it matches nothing.  The IT unit here at work says I have a ghost in my machine which may be true, but this is the fourth PC that has had occasional beeps.  At different times of the day, I get a quick double mid-ranged tone beep-beep.  Today it happened twice.  After the second time however, it gave of three higher pitched longer beeps.  Anyone have a clue as to what this might be?  Was running 8GB of RAM, but went down  to 4GB in slots 1 and 3.  Just trying to solve this infernal irratating machine issue.

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RE: Beep codes while in Windows 7

Exactly which model PC are you using? What version of Win 7, and is it 32- or 64-bit?

Are the beeps coming from inside the PC (tower or desktop) or are they coming through external speakers? If they're coming from the PC, itself, then you may have some hardware issue.

Are you running any specific app when it beeps, or is any specific external device in use (eg, flash drive, USB hard drive, scanner, printer, etc.) when it beeps?

Do you connect the PC through an uninterruptable power supply (UPS)? Some UPS beep when they detect power line problems and/or if their internal battery is weak. If the UPS is close to the PC, you might confuse the source of the beeps.

If they're coming from the speakers, it could be the random beeps that Windows 7 is known to make. My Win 7 PC gives the USB disconnect beeps through the speakers when my fluorescent desk lamp is turned on or off, but only some of the time and totally randomly. So consider what else is on the same circuit as your PC...

And since this has happened with several PCs, you probably do need to consider things beyond the PC itself...


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RE: Beep codes while in Windows 7

Beeps from bios have nothing to do with any particular operating system.

You did not say which dell model nor what the diagnostic LED's say.

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