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Benchmarks for XPS 8900 upgraded with GTX 1080

Here are reported results of benchmarks from the UserBenchmark site, from an unspecified USA user, of an XPS 8900 system upgraded to a GTX 1080.  The tests were run on 6/28/2016.  (The information collected does not specify whether or not the PSU was also upgraded.) The system BIOS date was reported as "20160120."  The results are at the following link:

To see other benchmarks on that site for the XPS 8900, with various user tested GPUs and other configuration variations, see:

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RE: Benchmarks for XPS 8900 upgraded with GTX 1080

Great data. Hopefully the 1080 will work without issue with our latest XPS 8900 bios. But, as I stated, there has not been any Dell internal memo stating that Dell would be validating the 1080 on the XPS 8900. You need not post the same data on multiple threads. This thread is good and will be seen by all.They can add their own findings to this thread if they used our 460w power supply or not.

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